Best Things To Do in Dauphin Island: Fishing & Beyond

Published February 6th, 2024 by DI Reef Monster

Best Things To Do in Dauphin Island: Fishing & Beyond

Renowned for its pristine beaches, abundant wildlife, and tranquil beauty, Dauphin Island is a haven for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Are you an avid angler looking for your next big catch? A history buff eager to delve into the island’s past? Or are you simply a nature lover wanting to immerse yourself in the island’s serene landscapes? Dauphin Island has something for everyone. To help you discover your new paradise, let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Dauphin Island.

Take a Ferry Ride Across Mobile Bay

Hopping aboard the Mobile Bay Ferry is one of the most scenic and leisurely ways to soak in the serene beauty of Dauphin Island. As the ferry gently glides across the calm waters of Mobile Bay, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the coast.

Keep your eyes peeled for playful dolphins leaping in the wake and various bird species soaring overhead. The ferry ride, typically 40 minutes, will also give you a unique perspective of the historic Fort Gaines, displaying the area’s rich past.

Explore the Historic Fort Gaines

If you’re looking to get more up close and personal with the island’s history, Fort Gaines is a veritable treasure trove for history enthusiasts. Established in 1821, this venerable structure stands as a tangible connection to the Civil War era.

Walking through its well-preserved ramparts, you’ll be transported back in time, envisioning life as a soldier during one of the country’s most tumultuous periods. Be sure to visit the blacksmith shop, where crafting demonstrations bring the past to life. And don’t miss the original cannons, still standing guard as a powerful reminder of the fort’s defensive past.

Immerse Yourself in Nature at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary

A lush 164-acre preserve, the Audubon Bird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s paradise and a haven for nature enthusiasts. The sanctuary, named after renowned ornithologist John James Audubon, shelters a range of bird species, from migratory birds to indigenous ones.

As you traverse its network of trails, the calming sounds of birdsong and rustling leaves will envelop you. The trails wind through diverse ecosystems, from maritime forests and marshes to dunes and beaches, each teeming with unique flora and fauna. Remember to bring your binoculars!

Traverse Azure Waters on an Exciting Fishing Charter

Casting a line in the abundant waters surrounding Dauphin Island is one of the best things to do in the area—fun for all ages and angler experience levels. From inshore fishing in the tranquil back bays to deep-sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, the variety of aquatic life ensures an exciting adventure.

Renowned for its diverse and rich marine life, the waters here are teeming with species like red snapper, king mackerel, and Spanish mackerel, to name a few. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman seeking the thrill of the big-game fish or a family looking to create memories, an exciting fishing charter around Dauphin Island is an absolute must.

If you’re ready to enjoy all the beauty and fun that the idyllic waters of Dauphin Island have to offer, let DI Reef Monster be your guide! Our Dauphin Island fishing charters are perfect for novice and experienced anglers, so there’s always something for everybody in the family.

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