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Inshore Fishing

Fishing at Dauphin Island, AL, is a cherished pastime for both locals and visitors alike. Situated on the Gulf Coast, this barrier island offers a diverse range of fishing opportunities, from shore fishing to deep-sea excursions.

Dauphin Island's proximity to the rich estuarine habitats of Mobile Bay makes it an ideal location for inshore fishing. Anglers can explore the bay's shallow waters and marshes in search of prized game fish such as speckled trout, redfish, and tripletail.

Inshore fishing at Dauphin Island often involves a combination of casting from boats, kayaks, or even wading in shallow waters. Popular techniques include using live bait such as shrimp or mullet, as well as artificial lures like soft plastics, top water plugs, and spoons. Anglers may also employ techniques such as drift fishing, jigging, and sight casting depending on the conditions and target species.

Like many fishing destinations, inshore fishing at Dauphin Island experiences seasonal variations in fish behavior and abundance. Spring and fall are typically prime seasons for inshore fishing, with cooler temperatures and active fish populations. During these times, anglers can expect to find speckled trout and redfish feeding in shallow waters, especially around marsh edges, oyster beds, and grass flats. Summer months can also offer productive inshore fishing opportunities, although anglers may need to adjust their tactics to target fish in deeper waters or during low-light periods.

Overall, fishing at Dauphin Island offers a diverse range of experiences, from peaceful shore fishing to adrenaline-pumping offshore expeditions, making it a beloved destination for anglers of all skill levels. Inshore fishing at Dauphin Island offers anglers the chance to experience the beauty and bounty of Mobile Bay's diverse ecosystems while targeting a wide range of prized inshore species. Anglers can enjoy memorable encounters with some of the Gulf Coast's most iconic fish.



5-hour trips for 3 people $750


5-hour trip for 4 people $850


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