Dauphin Island Boat Tours

D.I. Reef Monster understands that not everyone wants to fish on their getaway. We also offer sight-seeing tours of our beautiful island and surrounding areas. These trips are completely customizable by the customer (weather permitting).

With DI Reef Monsters, you can gaze upon the mesmerizing Dauphin Island vistas as you glide on the pristine waters aboard our top-tier vessels. Our Dauphin Island boat tours offer an unparalleled chance to witness the vibrant marine life, lush seascapes, and historic landmarks of the Gulf Coast.  

We understand that every journey is unique, and our service ensures a personal and engaging adventure for every guest. Whether you are a nature lover, a history enthusiast, or someone who simply enjoys the calming rhythm of the sea, we have the perfect tour for you.

Frequently Requested Trips:

  • Lighthouse Tours- Visit historical Sand Island and/or Middle Bay Lighthouses. $100hr/$150hr
  • Sunset Trip- Dauphin Island is known as the Sunset Capital of Alabama. Enjoy unobstructed panoramic sunset views.$100hr
  • East End Beach Trips- Visit the East end of Dauphin Island where you can view Pelican Bay and the Gulf at the same time. Save yourself from the hassle of parking and walking long distances to get away from the crowds.$100hr
  • West End Beach Trips- Visit the West end of Dauphin Island where you can view the Mississippi Sound and the Gulf at the same time. The more secluded West end is known for its beautiful beaches and is an ideal destination for seashell collectors.$150hr
  • Mississippi Barrier Island Trips- Go island hopping the beautiful and historical Barrier Islands of Mississippi. $200hr.
  • Inner Coastal Trips- Go through Alabama's Inner Coastal Waterway towards Gulf Shores/ Orange Beach. You can visit restaurants along the way. $200hr